Saving the Date Guide

So you’ve saved the date with us (Hurray!) and you’re probably now thinking… what happens next? Don’t worry, you aren’t the first to feel this way and I can assure you that what is to come is the fun part. This is  the time that things become real. All of your late night discussions and pinterest dreams are going to bought to life with a little help from us and your allocated wedding organiser. Here at Thrumpton Hall you will have someone to guide you through every stage of preparation to help you piece together your bespoke day.

Step 1

Wedding Fairs are a great way to start. You will be able to see what suppliers can offer, different wedding styles, colour schemes, decorations, performers and more. Not to mention they are a wonderful day out often full of freebies and nibbles. Wedding Fairs are held all year around at multiple picturesque locations meaning there is bound to be one you can get too before your big day. Visit Hitched to find out where to go.

Step 2

Now you’ve been to a wedding fair and seen whats on offer, you need to sit down and decide what you actually want and how this matches your budget. This is the time you Research. You don’t need to worry about how it’s going to come together and how the timings of the day work – that’s our job – but we need you to make a list of everything you’ve booked and how you picture your day. Where are you having your ceremony? How many guests would you like? Are you having a pre-wedding day meal, night in or event? What colour scheme would you like? Are you having decorators to make it come to life? Are you decorating yourself? Do you want a photographer, videographer or both? What sort of flowers do you imagine having? If these questions are making you feel panicked, take a deep breath and have a warm cup of tea. Now start again. Do your research, make a list and enjoy every second of anticipation.

Step 3

Once you know what style of wedding you would like, the internet will be a great source of advice when it comes to looking for suppliers.  You will quickly see how some suppliers are more perfect than others and some will be diminished. Contact the suppliers who appeal to you and start ticking things off the list. Suppliers will want to know your contact details, date, venue and overview of your wedding style to know if they can be the right match for you. They will want to be the best they can be for you so if it doesn’t work out don’t worry, there are hundreds of fabulous ones to choose from. We can recommend some world class suppliers too, so feel free to email us for advice you need or most importantly, to find out which firework display teams are authorised to display at the hall.

Step 4

By this point you will have seen the menus and sampled the food and beverages available to you. This means you are finally ready to confirm your dishes of choice. Whether you have chosen to use our incredible caterers or to share our venue with an outside team, we need to know what you would like. When you are invited to the big planning meeting, you will be asked to share all your details with us so we can start organising the timings of your day and putting in the final touches. Make a list of the Food and Beverages you desire to avoid last minute silly foodie decisions and make planning easy breeze.

Step 5

Sleeping Arrangements. Now you have started designing your bespoke wedding, you will need to think about where you are going to stay before and/or after the event. At Thrumpton Hall we have a custom range of suites available to hire which you may be keen to use. Have a think and speak to family and friends about who would like to stay during your event, ready to discuss this with your planner at your meeting. If you haven’t had chance to see the rooms, contact us for a bedroom tour and we can show you the beautiful array of accommodation we have to offer.

Step 6

With your diary of paperwork in hand, details in mind and confirmations at the ready, it is time to meet the organisers. We are experts but we aren’t mind readers so the more details you bring the more you will get from us. We can’t wait to meet you and fantasise about your big day too. Weddings are sensational and planning them doesn’t have to cause stress. They’re fun and the more you indulge in the excitement and planning the more harmonious your big day will be. Seeing it come to life truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

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