Simkins, our furry resident

If you have visited Thrumpton Hall, then you are sure to have met our permanent resident Simkins the cat. Simkins arrived as a kitten eight years ago. He came from a pet shop in Clifton and it was love at first sight. The Thrumpton Family explained to him on that day that he was to be Miranda’s mother’s cat and to look after her. He used to accompany her around the garden. When she went to church, Simkins went too and would wait outside the church door. He was the best company for the late Rosemary Seymour and he loved to be by her side. When Rosemary was a little girl growing up at Chirck Castle in Wales, she made up a cat called Simkins who took the blame if she did anything wrong. So if there was an icecream missing, or a broken cup, ‘Simkins did it.’ No one could blame gentle Simkins so after a cuddle and a stroke it would all be forgotten. 

Simkins spends much of his time lay across the checkerboard hall floor or lounging on the entrance steps greeting people as they visit the hall. He has a gentle temperament and a kind face, attracting many of the younger guests to the hall to chase him through the rooms and into the garden. And when skies turn to dusk and the sun begins to set, Simkins will reside in the Library by the book shelves ready to sneak up to the foot of the beds later on in the evening. Oh what a great life it must be being the furry resident of Thrumpton Hall.

wedding hall garden

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