The Swans

Every May, we have the same moment of anxiety. Where have our beautiful swans gone? Will they come back?

A pair of swans – they mate for life, as a very good example to our lovely wedding-couples! – have been visiting Thrumpton Hall each year for about twenty years. Living out beside the lake, right below the windows of the Hall, they care for their babies, the cygnets, and teach them how to prepare for their new life. Each year, they arrive around June. By this time, the cygnets already look like tiny grey swans, but their wings are still too small to fly. When they try, standing beside their big parents, they look a bit like little penguins! It’s so cute!

The parent swans are incredibly devoted. They guard the cygnets from danger (foxes, I’m sorry to say) by sleeping on either side of them at night. They are also very proud! When they arrive, the first thing they do is to show off the cygnets, lining them up so we can all see how lovely they are.

We think the swans must love weddings as much as we do, because they stay here all through the wedding season.

Every day, one of the parents flies along the lake, showing the cygnets how to do it. and by the end of the summer, they’re big enough to join in.

It’s one of my favourite sights of the year, the autumn day when all the swans fly down the lake together, clapping their wings as they skim the water.

At the end of the year, the young swans fly away, off to find a new home. And every June, the parents come back and start all over again.

They’re part of the Thrumpton family!

Written by Miranda Seymour 


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