What is this?

Here at Thrumpton Hall, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by historical items and heirlooms passed down through generations. We are often stumbling across things we are unable to put a name or use too, inviting hilarious discussions between our team and guests. We have narrowed down the strangest finds from the hall and we ask you to answer the age old question, What is this?


  1. Item one could be found in your library, at your school or in your office.
  2. What is handle for?
  3. Item seven would be a regular guest in the formal dining room.
  4. Item six would be found in the parlour kitchen.
  5. All of these four tools in item five of have the same purpose.
  6. Item four this would be used daily in the Georgian era.
  7. Item three would be kept in your dressing room.
  8. Item eight is made of copper and comes in all shapes and sizes.


All will be revealed on October 15th. Get your thinking caps on and let us know your thoughts!

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