Growing up at Thrumpton Hall

Part of the fun for me about the lovely events that we host here is when I get asked about how it used to be? The answer is: not that different! I’ve loved the house I was born in through all my life. Our main aim has been to keep it feeling like a family house, but one we share. So, when we redo a room, it’s always with the thought of keeping the same spirit.

But….sometimes we make a change!

When I was little, I spent much of my life in a nursery at the top of the house., There were bars on the windows (to keep me from falling out) and a big dining-table. My brother and I used to put rugs over it to make a robbers’ cave.

Our favorite thing in the nursery was the dolls’ house.

You can see it today, down in the main part of the house outside one of our wedding bedrooms. It’s huge! So huge that my naughty little brother used to hide in one of the rooms and pull the door shut. One day, when everyone was looking for him, I saw this little face looking at me out of the kitchen window of the doll’s house! He must have been about two years old!

Nowadays, the nursery has changed. It’s the room in which I write my books. My favourite part of the day is to stop and look out of the window while there’s a wedding going on.

It looks so beautiful! Sometimes, I can hear the music, maybe a harp or cool jazz or a string quartet. I can see all the delicious canapes and cocktails and champagne being carried around to guests in the rose garden. And out beyond, on a lawn as big as an ocean, I can see all the children – bridesmaids, pages, all of them – running around in their lovely wedding clothes and just having a wonderful time. I’ve seen some pretty good somersaults and a few amazing cartwheels. In fact, it sometimes looks a little bit like a circus, out there on the grass!

It’s when I see that all the children laughing and playing on the lawn that I know the spirit of Thrumpton will never change. It just gets happier .

Written by Miranda Seymour 

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