Our Thrumpton Family

When you hold an event at Thrumpton Hall, you aren’t just hiring a venue. You are being welcomed by the Seymour family into their beautiful 17th century home, full of their heirlooms, keepsakes and photographs that you will see decorating the hall. You socialise and network in their formal family gardens, where they spent their childhood playing and learning about wildlife.

The Seymour family opened their doors to the event world and with that came a new family tree – The team who assist you in preparing for your event and playing host to you during your time at the hall. These are the faces you will grow to recognise. They represent the Seymour family. But there are many people who work behind the scenes too: The estate managers, the chefs, the gardeners, the housekeeper and the Events Marketing Manager and her team. They too are part of our Thrumpton Family and are what make us the venue we are.

And once your event has come to an end and you’ve crossed path with us all, you two become a part of the hall and its history. So just remember to treat it like your home too.

There are many faces of the Hall but here are few of them you will have met or will grow to know and what they love best about their time here.

“It is amazing seeing a wedding that you’ve help set up in full swing on their big day – with smiles all around and the wedding party looking amazing. It’s so rewarding to be a part of Thrumpton and to ensure that their wedding day is as special as possible.”

Nancy – Events Supervisor


“Seeing the guests enjoying themselves as they dance the night away”

Sam – Events Assistant 

“The greatest thing about Thrumpton Hall is the food. There is nothing better than being allowed to have some of the delicious beef dripping roast potatoes. They are everybody’s favourite!”

Abi – Events Assistant 

“My favourite thing is meeting all the many and varied private and corporate clients and seeing their smiles after ensuring their day runs perfectly. I also love our fabulous team, without whom no event would be possible. And not forgetting the beauty of the Hall and grounds as the light and landscape changes with the seasons.”

Paula – Events and Marketing Manager

“Chasing Simkins the cat, looking for squirrels and saying hello to guests, by greeting them with my long waggy tail in the hope for a cuddle from them.”

Nutmeg (Paula’s cheeky Irish terrier)  – Top Dog

“I love being able to see the wedding unfold and see the joy on everyone’s faces” 

Elizabeth – Events Assistant

“Seeing the Bride walk down the emerald green staircase just before she’s about to walk down the aisle.”

Lucy – Events and Marketing Supervisor

Seeing the bride and bridesmaids beautiful dresses hanging in the Honeymoon suite …. after spending the morning getting the room ready for them.

Dawn – Housekeeper

“Cuddles with Simkins, the Hall’s cat, and generally just laughing at how cheeky he is.”

Sophie – Events Supervisor

“I like seeing all the flowers and decorations at each event. Everyone is so creative!”

Beatrice – Events Assistant 

“Assisting at conferences and parties in the lakeside pavilion. I like seeing how the event comes together in such a beautiful versatile location”

Jess – Events Assistant

“I really like being in the rose garden especially when the sun is shining”

Paris – Events Assistant

“I enjoy working at Thrumpton Hall because it is an honour to be involved in the start of a couple’s married life in such a beautiful location.”

Sophie Rose – Events Assistant

“I like meeting all the different bands and performers that play in the hall and at the lakeside pavilion. Seeing them perform for a couples first dance is a hard memory to beat.”

Evie – Events Assistant

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