Looking forward to Spring at the Hall

Snow at the hall

The chilly months between New Year and the Spring mark one our favourite seasons at Thrumpton. This is an exciting time for us. It’s when we start reviewing some of the great ideas that have cropped up – lots of them come from you! – and seeing if we can make them happen.

   This year, after our big success in 2017 with the beautiful Sky Room, we’re thinking of converting another of the old forgotten rooms – not many left now! – into a sparkling new bedroom with a view across the lake. Look hard out of its lattice window and you may even see our swans and their cygnets! Plus – for the romantic-minded, and tell us about a wedding couple who aren’t! – you’re within hearing distance of Thrumpton’s very own ancient church bell, brought back from Romeo and Juliet’s Verona by a previous owner of the house.

  So: what shall we call our beautiful new bedroom? Any ideas?

wedding venue bedroom

We’re also thinking about finding a permanent home for outdoor weddings – a temple in what used to be called The Fan Garden for its elegant semi-circular shape (like an unfolded fan). And – best of all! – we’re also thrilled to be offering our beautiful Pavilion as a third space in which to hold wedding ceremonies! This is wonderful news for those of you who want a bigger ceremony – and we know that some of you do! So, it’s full steam ahead for new adventures at Thrumpton Hall: a house that treasures its past but embraces progress.

Written by Miranda Seymour


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